The Traveled Path

This is dedicated to show the places I have traveled to and show some of the routes that I used by bicycle, local transport, hitchhiking, and car.


In Africa, I traveled around by many different means. Through Tanzania (purple markers), was the Kilimanjaro and Safari package that was purchased as well as relaxing on Zanzibar. In South Africa, Namibia, and Lesotho I took a road trip with my host family seeing many different sights along the way (red markers). Orange markers is hitchhiking through Botswana. While the blue markers in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa is local transportation.


During my time in Ireland I traveled around in a car both with my family (yellow markers) and with my friend, Alex (blue markers).


In Israel I was fortunate to make some friends and join in with their trip seeing many of the amazing sites that Israel has to offer. These are all dictated by yellow markers.


My bikepacking trip through the UK! Everywhere I rode and the route followed shown by red markers starting in Skipton and ending in Fairfield Park. The green markers show the Big Highlands Tour and hiking while the yellow is touring and seeing the Isle of Man from the generosity of my hosts.


Green-Walker’s Haute Route
Yellow-Travel by car and public transportation (Spain and France with Evan and Italy meeting Zach)


Red-Bikepacking Route
Yellow-Other Travel

New Zealand

Yellow-Other Travel Methods




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