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A little and quick update about my travels in Israel so far. Good Friday I was able to walk around the the Old City of Jerusalem and witness the ‘Way of the Cross’ in Jesus’ footsteps. That night I went to a Messianic church for an excellent Good Friday/Passove service. I loved this serviced and learned quite a bit from it.

The following day I woke up and went to a Messianic church service where the message was given in Hebrew and English. Afterwards, I caught a ride with two new friends to the Old City to walk around some more. At night, we received free tickets to the Tower of David light show which was phenomenal.

Easter Sunday!! Waking up super early, 5am, we made our way to the Garden Tomb for the sunrise service. What a blessing and experience it was! Aragon, Ron, and I then headed to the Old City where we toured the Western Wall Tunnels. Finishing off the day, we spent a couple hours at the Tower of David Museum. It was time to head home, eat some dinner, and watch The Infidel.

What a blessed and great past three days this has been! Happy Easter!