I figured I write and share some thoughts on the next leg and journey of my travels. Throughout the next two months I will be bikepacking through the UK. Pedaling around England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Wales is going to be an unbelievable adventure.

As I started my travels just over 7 months ago I had no idea where they would lead or what I would experience. Up until now I have loved every second of the trip. There has been ups and downs, nothing is always roses along the way. One thing is, I wouldn’t trade my travels and what I have learned from them.

Now back to bikepacking, this is going to be quite the experience for me. As some know, I don’t like to half way do something. It is all or nothing and going big without much thinking and with this journey it is the same case. For my first bikepacking trip, I am going to cover over 2,000 miles and see some of the best land the UK has to offer. Sure I have backpacked before and love camping, but this is a whole different beast on its own. Learning how to survive days, on weeks, on months with only an outline of my route and no planned places to stay each night.

The goal is to see as much of the UK as possible while still keeping expenses down to a minimum. This means camping when possible, picking up groceries, and using my two legs as transportation. One thing I know for sure, is that I am somewhat nervous but on the other hand I am excited to see where this journey will lead, what I will see along the way, and the wonderful people I will meet and become friends with.

Sunday morning I catch a train from Letchworth on up to Skipton where the ride begins. It will take me through some national parks, coastline, Highland 550 trail in Scotland, the famous Isle of Man TT, and Snowdonia. Planning for plus or minus 50 miles a day, I am about to learn how to live and survive on a bicycle. It is going to be great but for now I need to go finish packing and gathering my supplies. Tomorrow I start living the two wheel life!