Well after a crazy and hectic gymnastics season where I only had a handful of days off. I managed to juggle my schedule a little bit for a last minute entry into the Arizona Trail Race which transverses the state going from the border of Mexico to the Border of Utah. 2 1/2 days of preparation and I think I’m all set and ready to go. The race starts tomorrow morning the 15th at 7am and can be followed on http://trackleaders.com/aztr16.php. I’m doing the 750 and if your lucky you can follow my bubble and journey throughout the course of the next two weeks. Not going to lie it’s been quite nerve racking gwtting ready. Just recently I looked at all the riding I have done since January, only 200mi, that’s just a fraction of what I am about to try and accomplish over the next 10-14 days. Hopefully everything goes pretty smooth with no major issues. Sure there will be many struggles, times where I just want to quit, when the body just aches so bad, muscles screaming from agony and pain but the joy will come from pushing through. So wish me luck and follow the journey ahead!!